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Did you know you should have your septic tank or cesspool cleaned out every two years?  The health department and the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association stand behind this recommendation.  Think of it as changing the oil in your car.  You can run a long time with out changing the oil but sooner or later your engine will fail.  A septic system is a very expensive component to your household and should be serviced regularly. 

We offer septic pumping to residential and commercial property owners.  We take pride in our state of the art Mack 3,500 gallon pump truck.  We carry 180 feet of hose on our truck so in most situations we can pump your tank from your driveway or the roadway. 

If your home is new to you and you are not sure where your tank is we can help!  We carry tools on our truck to help locate septic tanks and cesspools. 

Tired of digging up your septic lid? We can add extension risers and lids to either be flush with the ground or slightly below grade.  We offer concrete lids and for a more pleasing above grade look we offer green plastic lids to blend in with your yard. 

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment (717) 529-0931.  We can give you an idea how big your septic tank is and how much it will cost to get it cleaned out!  Once you are in our computer system we will mail out a reminder every two years so you don’t have to worry about when it needs done. 

Assisting with a 12 inch main break in Oxford.